Urban seats

The seat is a research program I developed during the postgraduate program “ceramic and urban space” from my diploma at the ENSA in Limoges. My work for the city of Limoges is based on observation and captivation of the city. I tried to consider the urban space in a wider sense and keep the particular identity of the city in the foreground. The objects, the surroundings and the construction of a city is a fundamental and essential characteristic for the union of human beings and their city. The developed seats, entirely made of ceramic, are equally a tentative to set the cultural and visual  identity of Limoges. These objects unite functionality and decoration. They create a reference to the new rhythm of the urban city. Resistant, clean and smooth, seductive and attractive, ceramic has amongst all its qualities much more to offer then only its esthetic aspect. These properties intensifies the volume, the proportions and the forms of these urban seats. These immobile furniture marks a stoppage of transience in the movement of our everyday life. The first prototypes have been realized in cooperation with the Allia Factory in Limoges. This project is actually being developed.