First of all, going to Japan was the opportunity to get close to a culture without falling into stereotypes and prejudices we naturally have when we observe a culture from the outside. These three months in the land of the rising sun gave me the chance to plunge into an atypical tide.
Observations, experiences and adaptions were the only available guides that accompanied me on a swim through tumultuous waters.
The result of my work is a really personal mix, characterized by my observation of this culture.
Its not defining anything. It suggests an approach that is inspired by different experiences lived there. The result of different decisions and their evolution: a Sensei (Master), an atelier, a material, techniques, travels, discoveries.
The success of a strong determination coming from a crossover of perception.
The desire to feel and to perceive things that can only be felt in Situ. Objects risen from a tradition rooted in this rich and complex culture. Isolated from everything, I felt like a sponge, I absorbed all I could from Japan. I transformed the objects during my travels.